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My guitars rig for my home studio.

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My guitars rig for my home studio.

Postby rkent2020 » Sat Dec 21, 2019 3:29 am

Hello. I am a brand new (multi-intrumentalist) member and I have been building up my home studio equipment list for the last few years. I am finally done purchasing and nearly ready to begin recording audio-video sessions. I am using a Tascam DP24SD for my main console alonng with a crazy rack full of cool stuff.

For keys, I use a Roland MKB 300 controller, EMU Proteus 1 (general), Proteus 2 (orchestral), Proteus 3 (world-ethnic), and the EMU Vintage Keys sampled sound rack modules. These are all run into a Behringer EuroRack 16 channel mixer.

For my stringed instruments: Rogue fretless bass, Rick 4003 bass, Rogue 5 string bass, Jay Turser 12 string electric, 1 Big Dog Fender Telecaster, 1 George Harrison model custom rosewood Telecaster, 1 Japanese 1980's Strat, 3 Epiphone PRS5 acoustic-electrics (one standard tuning, 1 for drop D, and one for modified Nashville tuning, and last but not least, a Hora hand-made acoustic-passive electric 8 string Bazouki from Romania tuned to standard Celtic/Irish tuning.

I have chosen very carfefully the line up of pedals for my stringed instruments. I will list them in order of signal flow: Digitech FreqOut, Morley 1990's Wah-Volume, Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork, Mooer Black Truck, (Boss AC-3 in the efx send loop), finishing off into stereo inputs (and outs) of the Mooer Shim Verb Pro and direct into the board. I have found this arrangement to be perfect for electrics, acoustic-electrics, and basses. I really dig the Mooer Black Truck. Later I'd like to do a vid demo of this unit using all sorts of guitars, but also basses. No one yet of any repute or real talent has done a demo fully demonstrating the sound and flexability of this pedal, but especially with a bass. The Black Truck is touted by the manufacturer and retailers as pretty much a Shredder Heavy Metal Distortion-Overdrive that just happens to also have reverb, delay, modulation, a 5 band EQ, noise gate, tuner with muting, and a compressor to boot. The Mooer Red Truck is the company's "less evil" pedal, same price point, but has less features, no comp, no EQ, no noise gate. So, I went to the DARK SIDE, and I am glad I did.

On to the percussion: PDP 30" bass drum, Mappex Piccolo 13" snare, 5 tuned Pearl 8" toms, 8", 12" and 16" animal skin hand drums (which double as Irish Bodhrans wirth the right mallets & stix), a small Meinl cajon, Ludwig crescent tambourine, LP wind chimes, Wuhan 22" Gong, 6" Zildjian A splash, Wuhan 6", 8", 10", 12" splashes, Sabian 6" heavy splash, 12" Wuhan China Crash, 16" Wuhan thin crash, 16" Sabian med crash, 14" and 16" Zildjian A crashes, fixed closed hat Chinese no-name 8" brasses, a Saluda 20" painted Dark Ride, 14" Kasza F Series med. hats with a second Wuhan 12" china crash upside down above the hats. Tama & PDP hardware throughout.

Dynamic drum mics run into a Behringer MX880 mic splitter, mixed down to 2 stereo channels and sent into 2 channels of the EuroRack mixer. Condensor drum mics go directly to the board for phantom. 8 outputs from the keyboard modules are all run into the Behringer EuroRack mixer as well. The mixer carries all drums and keys outputs in stereo to a Behringer Virtualizer 3D model FX2000, which also outputs in stereo to the board. Basically, I am using the 16 channel mixer as a mixer, but also as a patch bay so I can effect drums or keys with the FX2000 multi-efx unit. they never are being played at the same time, since I do all the tracks as overdubs by myself.

Mics: 12 BM800 cardioid condensor ribbons in assorted colors!, 6 Weymic WM57 (SM57 knock-offs), 1 WM99 (PL88 knock-off), WM58 (SM58 knock-off), 55SH knock-off moving coil dynamic mic, pair of Badaxx DM03 drum overheads.

One last favoerite tioy in the rack: Digitech Vocalist Live Proi 5 voice harmony machine. This is sent to the EuroRack as well so it can bennefit from the Behringer FX2000. The vocalist harmonies are controlled either by midi notes or guitar input. YEAH! I can sound like those cool black chicks who sing backup on The Dark Side Of The Moon.

Video Cams: 4 Aiptek HD 1080P vid cams and a Zoom Q8.

Since this list is becoming a little pretentious, I will leave audio and video software talk for another post.
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