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Help with the Boss VE 8 Acoustic Singer pedal

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Help with the Boss VE 8 Acoustic Singer pedal

Postby Silvercn » Fri Jan 10, 2020 1:32 am

I recently got the Boss VE 8. The manual is poorly organized and their tutorial videos just as bad! One video with a well known performer shows her foot work changing presets, but no explanation of how to program that!! My main question to any users out there is the sequence for setting up presets of fx and harmony setting that can be scrolled up during a gig ( 1-50 available!!) . Any clarity on this will be appreciated.

Thanks. Charles
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Charles Silverman

Re: Help with the Boss VE 8 Acoustic Singer pedal

Postby Giggo96 » Sat Jan 18, 2020 10:26 pm


Just joined the forum and have seen this post.

I think i know the video you mean.

If you press "memory" you can select between 1 and 50 as you say.

So for instance if you go to 1. then press memory again it brings you out of the memory settings. You can then add reverb, harmonies, guitar chorus effects etc and these should be saved under the number 1.

Then repeat this so if you take number 2 and set it up as you like or should wish and it is saved.

Then if you keep "memory" lit up while you are playing, it allows you to use the chorus and harmony button to scroll up and down through the memory settings 1-50 that you have pre saved.

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