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Gretsch 5260 electric baritone

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Re: Gretsch 5260 electric baritone

Postby IvanSC » Sun Apr 26, 2020 9:54 am

I have one of the first Danelectro baritone reissues with the original style wooden bridge piece. As a bass player I find it pretty comfortable to play & with both pickups selected and all controls flat out it sounds like the ultimate spaghetti western guitar.

Go to Soundcloud/wasplollies & play the track called Its a jungle out there & you`ll hear mine being somewhat ineptly played by me on a rough demo.
BUT. having played other baritone guitars, I have to say the majority don`t sound the same as mine, but they are a lot closer to an actual guitar to play.
FWIW I tune mine down so the E strings are on A & so forth, which makes figuring out what chord you are playing easier!

Cant stress enough how much the "new improved " bridge on all the Dano reissues makes them lose that classic Dano Bari sound. Buy an old one, not a new one if that is the sort of sound you want.
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