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Power Amp & Cab for Axe-Fx III

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Power Amp & Cab for Axe-Fx III

Postby Eonngia » Mon Sep 14, 2020 11:17 am

Hi everyone,

I've been a die-hard tube amp guy for ages, but am just about to order an AxeFX III & would like to ask the ax-fx veterans what the best cab & power amp combo would be for the best real-life amp tones & most importantly, the best amp feel.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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Re: Power Amp & Cab for Axe-Fx III

Postby Sam Spoons » Mon Sep 14, 2020 12:21 pm

I have a Headrush Gigboard and think it sounds best through my 18 watt valve combo...
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Re: Power Amp & Cab for Axe-Fx III

Postby CS70 » Mon Sep 14, 2020 8:34 pm

There's so much personal feel in playing the guitar that what's best for one isnt necessarily the best of another.

That said, my $.10 is that the point of using something like the AxeFX are its chameleon-like properties. If you're going to pair it with a guitar cab, it'll always sound like the cab, which is a lot of the sound (without effects).

For that reason I'd go for a good FRFR monitor - possibly a two-speaker one - and a solid state power amp , as flat as possible, with loads of headroom. That way you really use the AxeFX for what's worth (and you avoid shocks when you get onstage and hear yourself only thru the monitors) - which is sounding like a myriad other amps, and doing it pretty well.
Or even directly into the desk and the PA, honestly. I mean the whole point of the thing is portability..

Of course it can sound and feel great with different power amp and cabs, but then it sounds and feels great with an AC30 as well.
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