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TC flashback: do i get two pedals or a new big one

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TC flashback: do i get two pedals or a new big one

Postby hooty2 » Tue Sep 22, 2020 9:51 am

my first outing to this part of the forum & a reiterated confession that goes to my struggle with understanding tech' specs'.
I have a TC flashback2 delay.
I'm rehearsing a revision to my sung poem.
I have the TC set to a short delay that enhances (if i say so myself) the guitar arpeggios..
when i come to a moody part of the song, i want a longer delay.
i've been imagining how i could do that in post, but that subtly affects the dynamics of the performance.....(ie, no live feedback etc)
so i looked at the TCx4 & read SOS reviews and the TC overview etc.
I couldn't confirm that i can set two delays and flick between them with the press of a switch.
so, i offered to buy my friends TC2 flashback and simply link the two TC2's and press as required.

Does any user out there have any thoughts about this or clarification?
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Re: TC flashback: do i get two pedals or a new big one

Postby CS70 » Tue Sep 22, 2020 10:38 am

Yeah, using individual delay pedals with different settings is a common way to do stuff... depending on the set, I do gigs with no less than three!

If you have to do it in the same song, however, it's a little more complicated, because you usually don't have the time (and will) to push two switches rapidly in sequence: you want to have a single switch controlling which effect path is taken by the signal.

There's a few ways to do it: either an analog pedal that allows to change presets on the fly (my old EHX Memory Man with Hazarai used to do that, I think), or a digital pedal for the same, or two pedals and A/B boxes, or a control pedal which allow you to set two different effects paths with a single switch.

Of course digital multi-fx are perfect for these things, but way overkill if you only have that small application.

Two pedals and a A/B box (I use Radial's HotShot, but there's many) can be a good solution for that specific problem, especially if you find the A/B box used. However, if you plan to do many in-song changes that require changes of parameters on the fly, then definitely look at a digital FX, Line6 has seriously good stuff.. the DL4 (specific for delays) is used the world over, while the M Series pedals do a much bigger amount of effects, and especially the smaller M6 could work for you if you need more than just delays.
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