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Guitar / Bass / Keyboard Amplifiers

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Guitar / Bass / Keyboard Amplifiers

Postby musicista vecchio » Thu Oct 15, 2020 12:16 am

Are many of you still using them?

I suppose that if you're playing hard rock, the amplifier sound is part of the music's sound.
Playing trad jazz / jump blues, that wasn't necessary for us,

Our ten-piece band's live sound system has four horn mics, four vocal mics, three drum mics, and five direct input electric instruments.

That's sixteen sources for a sixteen-input mixer!

Carrying the minimalist theme further, we have no instrument amplifiers and no stage monitors.

The mixer has outputs for powered stage monitors, but we hear the house sound just fine and don't usually need them.

The house sound is just a pair of JBL JBX-225s. (In mono.)

Those are the same model speakers that I have with my big flat screen in the man cave.

But I don't have to push them with a thousand watts in the house.

A 75 wpc McIntosh tube amp probably uses about ten watts on each side down in the cave.

Back to live sound, our mixer isn't a desk of sliders out in the venue but rather a rack-mounted component in a roiling trunk tucked behind the piano. It's controlled wirelessly by a tablet somewhere out in the venue.

What are you folks doing [or what were you doing] with live sound? Instrument amps still in the mix?
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Re: Guitar / Bass / Keyboard Amplifiers

Postby resistorman » Thu Oct 15, 2020 4:15 am

Our synth club has been having live outdoor jams where we all bring battery operated equipment and play together whilst maintains good distance.. It’s kind of great having the sound coming from all around, though sometimes it can be hard to everyone. I contribut a couple of Bose S1 Pros and a Behringer 40. I’ve rigged up a Minilogue XD with a battery pack or an iPad Pro. Too bad audio over Bluetooth has so much latency... it would be cool to play an iPad wirelessly into the Bose.
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Re: Guitar / Bass / Keyboard Amplifiers

Postby Music Wolf » Thu Oct 15, 2020 7:09 am

I traded my last guitar amp the best part of a decade ago. Since then it's been POD500HD, Kemper and Helix direct to PA. I've gigged this way with several bands ranging from duos (just myself and a vocalist using backing tracks) to five piece with an acoustic drum kit. Latest mixer is a Behringer X18 (which I haven't gigged yet due to COVID) and prior to this a Mackie DL series with iPad control.

I've used the Behringer for rehearsals and one of the great benefits is that I can make multitrack recordings of the band. During lockdown I've been practicing by playing along to these recordings (with my guitar and backing vocal parts muted). Playing through headphones or my in-ears I can practice at any time of the day or night without causing disturbance (although not vocals).

Live I've set things up so that I can select a patch on the Helix (I have a seperate patch for each song even if some of them are identical) and, via MIDI, this selects the correct patch on my TC Helicon VoiceLive 2 processor and a scene on the Behringer X18 (unfortiunately this doesn't stop the singer / guitarist launching into the wrong song because he can't read the set list without his reading glasses).
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Re: Guitar / Bass / Keyboard Amplifiers

Postby Sam Spoons » Thu Oct 15, 2020 11:30 am

I play acoustic and electric guitar and sing. For electric I use an 18 watt valve combo and a small pedalboard or fx unit. For acoustic it's either unplugged or through an AER C60 or Bose S1 Pro when I need a bit of loud. Band gigs get treated to a PA plus wedge monitors and a digital mixer, usually iPad controlled. Not that there's been any of that since last autumn...
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Re: Guitar / Bass / Keyboard Amplifiers

Postby CS70 » Thu Oct 15, 2020 12:19 pm

Using both "real" amps and modeling emulations for playing guitar here. I like the feel of an actual amp pushing air around the stage, but if the place is far away or need to take say a plane to get there, my Atomic Amplifire does just fine. I have and use several amps and cabinets - I recently got a AC15 as a sort-of-replacement of my main AC30 for portability reason. And the Mesa 5:25 has long been my go-to stage amp, in 5W mode does all the sounds I need - of course I mic it.

However, I sold the 4x12 some time ago - I realized that short of playing Wembley, there was no way it was gonna ever get out of the studio!
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Re: Guitar / Bass / Keyboard Amplifiers

Postby BigRedX » Thu Oct 15, 2020 12:51 pm

I ditched my complex and expensive guitar and bass rigs and amps in favour of a Line 6 Helix Floor, combined with an RCF745 FRFR speaker which I use as a personal monitor in rehearsal and on gigs when I can't guarantee the foldback on the PA will be up to the task.
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Re: Guitar / Bass / Keyboard Amplifiers

Postby blinddrew » Thu Oct 15, 2020 2:00 pm

Being a bunch of cheapskate pseudo-northerners our rig is very much driven by what we already owned. So our guitarist uses his Fender amp (no idea what type I'm afraid), the bass player uses her Trace Elliott and my electric goes through a Peavey Valveking. My 'acoustic' is a Variax so that goes to the PA. We try and keep our on-stage levels at the minimum we can to work with the drummer (who can get quite loud when he gets excited), we'll then mic the amps up and DI the bass to give FoH a bit of control.
Interestingly, we all like to have a full band mix in the monitors - which might be because three of us sing?
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