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Metal Tone

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Metal Tone

Postby Palehorse13 » Tue Nov 10, 2020 3:20 pm

I have a bugera 6260 on a Marhall Origin cab. I want a rythem tone like The Gazette has in the song the Filth in the Beauty. How can I get this?
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Re: Metal Tone

Postby uselessoldman » Wed Nov 11, 2020 12:24 am

for a start I would personally suggest you might want to consider changing the speakers, seventy80s are simply awful. You will probably never get a decent sound out of them no matter what amp settings/pedals/effects u use. Yes I know some people love them, deaf people, or those who have other hearing disability issues !!

problem with seventy80s is their tone, its a muffled mess and the bass/low end dominates to the extent the mid/highs can get completely lost. They make any good amp sound bad as much as a decent set of speakers can make an average amp sound "better".

I bought a 4x12 cab with seventy80s inside only cos it was dirt cheap and invested in a pair of Vintage 30s and G12T-75s (UK versions) the sound is so much better no matter whether u play rock heavy metal etc there just beautiful. Even modern Chineese versions of the V30s and G12Ts are better than what u have now.

Celestion should do away with them, they are no good for guitars, synths drums vocals I know I tried and eventually they went to the best place possible, the SKIP
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Re: Metal Tone

Postby Murray B » Tue Nov 17, 2020 9:10 pm

At 2m 17 seconds on the track you've got the best guide as to what the basic guitar tones are. The way that they are layered, doubled and how the bass guitar is effected and mixed is all part of the sound and something that you might struggle to create single handedly. Although an octave pedal might fill out the bottom end a bit.

If you haven't got a noise gate it might be worth trying to find one and I guess the guitars are detuned a bit too. Unfortunately this isn't my genre of music so I haven't got any quick solutions other than to say that it's easy to overdo the amount of distortion you use to get a heavy sound and if you do you'll lose a lot of definition and punch.

That being said the guitars are just heavily overdriven and very well controlled - that's probably 95% of getting it right - hence the advice of a noise gate. Working out the tuning if it's non standard will also help you get the same kind of vibe.

What have you tried so far and how are you getting on? Is the question about playing live or recording?
Murray B
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