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Annoying problem with the VS 8040

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Annoying problem with the VS 8040

Postby dualtubE » Sun Apr 25, 2021 5:32 pm

It's a little rock amplifier for the exercise that suddenly started to cause problems: the sound is interrupted, almost inaudible, then it is amplified again, but then it sounds as if the speaker is covered with a pillow, and then same again ...
I changed the ECC83 but the problem is the same. Then I got DeoxIt spray and sprayed all the inlets, left for a couple of hours and repeated. Already in the evening, the amplifier behaved quite normally. I am not an expert with a soldering iron, and there is no quality service technician in my town and its surroundings. How to solve this annoying problem?
I read somewhere that this happens because the Power amp Out and Power amp In inputs are not used, and that this can be solved if these two inputs are connected with a regular guitar patch cable? Thank you.
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i'm not indifferent, i just don't know how to play that thing