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Innovative sounds & recording methods

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Re: Innovative sounds & recording methods

Postby Martin Walker » Wed May 16, 2018 2:06 pm

::vtol:: MSM mk2 - second version of metaphase sound machine

You can rely on our old friend ::vtol:: to consistently come up with innovative sounds/machines, and here's a cracker!

"The Metaphase Sound Machine is a kind of homage to the ideas of the American physicist Nick Herbert who in the 1970s has created both Metaphase Typewriter (Fig. 1) and Quantum Metaphone (a speech synthesizer). These were some of the first attempts to put the phenomenon of quantum entanglement in practice and one of the first steps towards the creation of a quantum computer."


The project is co-commissioned by FutureEverything (Manchester) and Laboratoria Art&Science Space (Moscow)

Here's the hardware breakdown:

- stepper motors
- geiger counter
- 6 microphones
- 6 micro-speakers
- 1 channel, 20W sound system with 6 speakers
- arduino


- pure data

Lots more info available here:

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