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Dabblers' picks

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Dabblers' picks

Postby BJG145 » Sat Feb 27, 2010 9:28 pm

I'm fascinated with trying out different stuff, so I've bought and sold a number of synths over the past few years. I've never gone into them very deeply, and would probably have spent my time more usefully learning how to program one or two of them properly rather than running though the presets on a couple of dozen. Oh well. ;-)

I'd be interested to see which keyboards stick in the memory out of the ones that have passed through your hands. Here are my dabblers' choices from what I remember...

Toyed with:

Roland: XP30, JV80, JV1080, JX3P, JP4, JP8000, MK80, HS60, D50, D70, GR50, XV5050, S50, S750
Yamaha: DX7, EX5R, KX88
Korg: Triton, M1, Polysix, Wavestation, MS2000B
Akai: S3000, Emax II, EWI4000, AX73
Ensoniq: ESQ1, VFX, ASR10
Novation: Supernova
Kurzweil: K2000

Memorable 5:

Triton: Always kept this as my controller. Nice action, warm pads
XP30: Another keeper, great collection of sounds in a compact box
EWI4000: Breath control rules, glad I suffered those early trumpet lessons
JP4: Riotous little box of electronics
MK80: Great action, shame about the weight

Want to try (realistically): Z1, VL70, Alesis Ion
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Re: Dabblers' picks

Postby vinyl_junkie » Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:27 pm

Interesting..interesting..The Ion is a nice synth I played with but never owned yet, I would like to own one at some point.

So synths/samplers I dabbled with that I had over the years...

MAM MB33 (The Orange and silver tb-303 emulator)
Akai S2800, Akai S3000XL, Akai S3200XL, Akai MPC-2000XL
Korg ER-1, Korg M1, Korg X5DR, EMX-1
Clavia Nord Micro Modular, Nord Lead 2 Rack
Roland SH32, Alpha Juno, JX-3P, TR-707
EMU Extreme Lead 1
Waldorf Micro Q, Blofeld, Pulse, Q Rack
Novation Bass Station Keyboard, A-Station, KS Rack, Super Nova 1, Drum Station mk1
Yamaha CS-1X, AN-200, DX-100x2, TX-81Z

Ones that stick to mind....extremely difficult!! I llike/liked most of them but I would have to say..

1. Nord Modular/Micro...Loved this thing to bits, want one again!

2. Roland Alpha Juno 1 - Great little budget analogue poly with a smooth tone

3. Roland SH-32 - Fantastic for pads and dance music type things..again want to own one again, the presets suck so don't let that fool you! Program it and be rewarded by a very analogue/digital unique type tone and sound...How many modern synths have that much character now days eh.

4. Waldorf Blofeld/Micro Q - Waldorf..Unique sound and lovely wavetables to boot

5. Yamaha DX-100 - Perhaps what people may class the lamest thing ever but my most loved synth I had..Both the DX's I had are sadly now gone and broken but the you can't beat that gritty 12bit tone...Also my first synth.

Things I would like to own in the future...lots lol Realistically what I mentioned above that I had and want again lol To add to the list though Waldorf XT, JP-8080, Ion, SH09 and 101

Out of all that gear though I had a few things that I did get twice..Two DX-100's, I brought the A-Station twice, brought a KS rack for the second time only to hate it second time round and Micro Q also this would be the second time I own one..first time I had the Micro Q I hated it, the Q sounded better and the Pulse kicked their ass it took me ages to get what the Micro was about..I love it now so had to buy one again
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Re: Dabblers' picks

Postby Dave B » Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:32 am

Ooh - I was trying to draw up a list a while back and I'm on the right machine now, so I can post up just the synths! ;)

(Note: if Zukan posts the same, then we may run out of server space...)

Cheetah: MS6
Emu : Classic Keys, Proformance
Ensoniq : EPS16+, EPS16+rack, ESQ1 (x2), VFX, TS12
Fairlight : CMI II
Korg : O1/R, O1/Wfd, Prophecy, Trinity Plus, Wavestation, Wavestation SR, Wavestation AD, Z1
Kurzweil : K2000 (x2), K2000R, K2500r (x2), PC3, RG100
Oberheim : Matrix 1000 (x2), OBX
Roland : D50, D550, D70, JD800 (x2), JD990, JV880, JV1080, Jupiter 4, Juno 106, MC505, MKS20, MV30, SH101, XV5050, GR33
Rhodes : Stage 73, MK80
SCI : Prophet 2002, Sixtrak
Yamaha : TG33, SY99, TX7

That's as much as I can remember for now and that's just gear that I've owned - if you include 'used' it gets longer. If you include master keyboards and drum stuff, it gets bigger still.

All time faves would be :

- Roland JD800 : partly because of the 'hands on' controls, but still a lot because of the sound. I rate it as one of the best sounding synths they made.
- Wavestation series : I really cannot understand why Korg don't build a modern 'super wavestation'.... brilliant concept only let down by the relatively crude implementation at the time as converters now (can) sound soooo much better
- Kurzweil K2 series : one word - awesome!

Most over-rated synth owned ever : Juno 106. Bought mine cheap and made a packet selling it on as it was pristine. It's an 'ok' synth, but not much better imho

Most fun : my original SH101 was the synth that confirmed a long standing love affair. Mind, that was 25 years ago.... lol
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