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Controlling Super Bass Station with Live

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Controlling Super Bass Station with Live

Postby Elvis Whistlehoof » Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:08 pm


I've got a Novation Super Bass Station I've had ages and I control it from Ableton. It's blatantly not too easy to program through the cryptic 2 char display, and it can be a little cryptic controlling the filters etc from ableton too. I love messing with it though, and dig it's sound for what I want more than the soft synths I have. Is there a good way to control it? And make patches? Any external software available?

I've considered I can buy Novation's "Bass station" plug in for £25, but would prefer to stick with my "real" hardware one.

I've considered that Soundquest MIDI Quest 10 XL should be great for editing it, and will also run a VST "front-end" for it, but it's $400!!!! About 12x the cost of the Bass Station soft-synth VST!!! And a lot more than I paid for the synth, plus I don't have any other hardware synths except very occasional access to my girlfriends Virus C and Fantom Rack, so the cost is completely nonsensical for that.

The other consideration is making a Max for Live controller, but again, I don't have Max for Live, as that's too much too!

Any other sensible options?

Whilst I'm at it, how about the same question for when I do get to pinch my Girlfriends Virus/Fantom?


P.S. Anyone got Max for Live and an SBS and fancy making an SBS Ableton front end controller?
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