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the latest Behringer-gate

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Re: the latest Behringer-gate

Postby DGL. » Sat Aug 24, 2019 7:03 pm

Two things,
Pictures of the Crave either in production or pre-production have been posted on their FB page
Behringer FB wrote:"Cravin' for Crave"

and Uli has been asking for you synth ideas both for what clones they should do and what you would want in a dream synth.

Uli Behringer wrote:I’ve got two questions for you:
1. Which legacy synth would you like us bring back to life?
2. What new dream synth would you want us to make? It would be great if you could attach a simple drawing or sketch with some features you would love to have. The best design might be built by us and in that case you’ll get the first one for free.
As you can tell we love building synths and other great products for you. And no, we haven’t forgotten our pro audio customers - in fact we'll have something pretty revolutionary quite soon.
Thank you for all the love we're getting from you. You are the sole reason why we exist and we owe you everything.
Let me tell you that this is the absolute best time in our 30 years of our Behringer existence. You can tell, we're having lots of fun :) .
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