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Glowing orbs

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Re: Glowing orbs

Postby BJG145 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 8:56 pm

That was the world's worst demo. But it's potentially quite an interesting piece of gear, despite the lack of YouTube videos showing anything more than people waving their hands around to apply random FX.

I've found that the software provided does in fact only allow you to trigger a single note per sensor, or send MIDI CC. So I've been wondering if I can use something like Bome MIDI Translator Pro to take the CC data and turn it into a set of Note On / Note Off commands, to allow a set of notes for each sensor depending on hand position. (I've no doubt Bome or Max can do it, but I'm not sure I'm smart enough to figure it out.)

It reminds me of a rare instrument called the Air Piano; I think only a handful were made, and I can't seem to access its website any more, but it's still visible on the Wayback machine:

Image ...

Here's a video:

This, I believe, worked on the same principle, but with a lot more sensors.

The only other similar device I've come across is the equally obscure "Light Harp" concept by Peter DeSimone:

He's not building these commercially however; the only device he currently has on the market is the Air Harp.
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