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Has anyone used Omnisphere 2.5 hardware integration?

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Has anyone used Omnisphere 2.5 hardware integration?

Postby AndyN » Mon Sep 24, 2018 10:48 pm

Hi Everyone,

Just looking to see if anyone has used the hardware integration feature in Omnisphere 2.5. There seem to be quite a few videos on You Tube about the software but none that review how well the hardware integration works. Eric Persing's intro video looked and sounded great but I would also like to hear from users.

I'm particularly interested in finding out what happens if you switch to different filter types or oscillator types. In the videos I have seen, Eric says that when you turn the filter on on the hardware it automatically opens the default setting for the hardware synth i.e a Sub 37 opens a Moog filter. Could I, for example, select a Roland filter via the software and then control it from my Sub 37 without it trying to switch back to the Moog style filter?

Thanks in advance

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