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UDO Super Synth?

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Re: UDO Super Synth?

Postby Adam Inglis » Fri Jul 19, 2019 1:22 am

johnny h wrote: It’s a better idea than relying on fake stereo tricks like a Juno 60 or similar.

"Fake" stereo??
Man, I LOVE "fake" stereo.
Dimension D, Boss Super Chorus, Eventide Instant Flanger... these are my go to's for "fake" stereo - it sounds bloody fabulous on a lot of material.
Even Bob Moog's old trick of sending a mono signal to a stereo graphic EQ, setting a "sawtooth" pattern with the sliders on the right channel, and inverting that pattern on the left channel, works on a lot of stuff.

Neuro-acoustic/philosophical question: Can stereo be "fake"?

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