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New Modular MIDI Controller for Software Synthesizers

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New Modular MIDI Controller for Software Synthesizers

PostPosted: Wed Dec 11, 2019 8:14 pm
by rhearhino

I address this thread mainly to those of you who use software synthesizers in everyday work.

I would like to know your opinion about the MIDI controller idea that we’ve been developing for some time together with a group of several musicians.

The idea is to design a MIDI controller fo software synthesizers, which will be built of modules. However, unlike other modular solutions, each module will correspond to a specific element of sound synthesis. The modules will be universal – we want to analize as many VSTi plugins as possible and develop the most versatile layout of functions / controls that will support most softsynths (of course the ones that can be mapped with MIDI). we know that it is impossible to do everything and satisfy everyone, but we want to design it really well and we believe it can be done. For example: the envelope module will be able to work with various plugins that offer ADSR, ADHSR, DAHDHR, T1 L1 T2 L2… etc. envelopes.

We would like to design the device in such a way that the user would have the impression as if he is interacting with a classic synthesizer – regardless of the plugin he is using. In addition, the controller will be equipped with a large number of high quality knobs and sliders, but in a very thoughtful layout. We are also considering the possibility of connecting and controlling hardware synthesizers through our device.

Our project is in the early stages of development. We decided to post it because we would like to get the widest possible feedback. At the moment we have a short description and some simple sketches that are intended to illustrate the idea. Please do not treat them as the final project. You can read about the idea here: At the end of the page, you can find a short survey – we would be very grateful if you could complete it. After all, this device is designed for you, and we would like it to be the best softsynth hardware controller.

What are your thoughts on this idea?