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Alesis Photon X25 firmware?

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Re: Alesis Photon X25 firmware?

Postby merlyn » Fri Jun 26, 2020 2:53 am

hapciu wrote:I understand the procedure for updating the firmware is to be done in XP but prior to that, I can't erase the actual firmware which is 1.3

The firmware in the zip file linked to above is v1.04, so if you have 1.3 it seems unlikely v1.04 would fix it.

Yuri.ko wrote:i have the same problem with the Alesis photon 25, but i can't find the firmware for this model, does anyone have it? pls send help

Here is the Photon25 firmware : ... sp=sharing

It's worth bearing in mind what @BillB pointed out : both models will still work with MIDI via a 5 pin DIN. An X25 is a 25 with a built in USB 1.1 audio interface -- I imagine Alesis were thinking it could be a one box solution for using a laptop -- keyboard, some knobs, the AXYZ dome and audio output in one package via one USB cable.

The X25 works on Linux because it's a class compliant device. Does Windows not do that? I'm kind of surprised, but at the same time not. :)
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