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Help me please to choose keyboard, also for busking

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Help me please to choose keyboard, also for busking

Postby jitka_sunny » Sat Jan 18, 2020 3:22 am

Hi I am choosing new keyboard and I wonder if there is somewhere possibility to play and choose by real feeling, not only by online specifications. After hours I am lost again. What I need is portable keyboard with semi weighted action under the 10kg 73-88keys, with multiple zones,so I can assign the patches/instruments with octave shift ( one split point is not enough). Should be able to run on batteries/USB powerbank, I appreciate internal speakers because of mobility at smallest gigs... Mostly used instruments are piano,ep, hammond,which i would be happy to control in real-time a little bit. User performances should be quickly available. I have Roland Fp30 and I realized, that I can't use it for real live playing in our small band or for busking (in history I had Roland fantom x6, but now I try to focus on playing rather that programming. But I would be happy to have more zones for some songs). . I found these. Do you have an experience with some of them?

Casio privia px560m
Nord electro 5d
Viscount Physis Piano K5 EX
Yamaha cp73
Korg m50 73
V-Combo VR-730
Studiologic Numa Compact 2x
Roland Juno ds76
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