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Moog Mother 32 playing unwanted MIDI off note

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Re: Moog Mother 32 playing unwanted MIDI off note

Postby Eddy Deegan » Thu Mar 04, 2021 3:00 pm

A couple of thoughts. A lot of cables sold as MIDI cables are actually connected on all 5 pins. I'd check that the MIDI cable you're using is not connected on pins 1 and 3. Technically it shouldn't make a difference but it just might for some strange reason if they are.

The pin numbers on the DIN connection are as follows:


I'd also connect the Akai to a computer and run a MIDI monitor (I can recommend MIDI-OX if you're on Windows) and take a look at exactly what messages are being sent, just to make sure there's nothing strange going on there.
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Re: Moog Mother 32 playing unwanted MIDI off note

Postby gibby76 » Thu Mar 04, 2021 5:27 pm

Thank you Ben and Eddy for both of your replies.

I took out a few brand new MIDI cables today and low and behold, all seems to be working fine - so far! I'm emphasising the "so far" here as like I was saying, sometimes this annoying problem only occurs after time.

I ran a simple sequence on Mother 32 directly from Logic Pro without any unwanted notes playing. I then hooked up the Mother 32 to my Akai MPC and again, it seems to be working ok now. I have a horrible feeling that as soon as I reply to this message it will kick off again though :(

Eddy - I downloaded a MIDI monitor and ran the same sequence from my MPC directly into my computer. To be really honest, I can't fully decipher what the result of the MIDI monitor means. I can certainly send you on the result if you want to have a quick look?

All in all, I am hoping that the problem was as simple as a loose connection in one of the leads.

Thanks again so much for your replies. Hopefully this small fix works!
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