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Yamaha Tyros 5 firmware corruption

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Yamaha Tyros 5 firmware corruption

Postby Heda » Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:53 am

While updating my Tyros5's firmware the power was accidentally interrupted, and when I restarted it the firmware is off course corrupted now. I've attempted to run the firmware update using the USB flash drive again but it does NOT start although the Tyros5 communicates with the USB drive. When I turn on the keyboard, the main screen comes up, but the buttons don't work. It still communicates to my computer via USB cable since I was able to copy/paste the TYROSSETUP.PRG into its HDD. TYROSSETUP.PRG is the firmware file.
- Is there a way to access Tyros5's HDD and run the firmware from there?
- I don't have any means of running the TYROSSETUP.PRG file directly from my computer into Tyros5. Is there a way to do so? It there a software?
This will confirm whether its motherboard is corrupted or not. If it comes back alive I don't have to replace the motherboard, otherwise most likely the motherboard is damaged.
Kindly help, I'm in a lot of pain due to this issue. I cannot afford to buy another keyboard at the moment.
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Re: Yamaha Tyros 5 firmware corruption

Postby Wonks » Mon Mar 23, 2020 1:28 pm

This is specialist stuff. Have you contacted Yamaha directly? They are normally pretty helpful.
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