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Reaching the Summit

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Re: Reaching the Summit

Postby BillB » Sun Mar 29, 2020 12:49 pm

Enjoy Malc wrote:That’s a shame if it's limited. In the Summit manual, there’s not even mention of general oscillator panning, ie is it possible to pan osc 1, 2 and 3 separately? Surely the two synths within the Summit are pan-able?

I only see a parameter for unison voice spread. Does this also apply to voices in ordinary polyphonic modes? Like the DSi pan spread?

It is not generally possible to pan individual oscillators on a synth, as that would require the following stages (filter/amp) to be stereo. The Waldorf Blofeld does, however, allow the outputs of its two filters to be panned, so there is a range of approaches.

As for the Summit / Peak, both manuals say:

Note that UniSpread is still effective even with unison voices set to 1: in this case, a single note played is positioned centrally in the stereo image, while playing multiple notes results in left or right panning, depending whether the voice in use is odd- or even-numbered. When used like this, best results are obtained with moderate amounts of Unison Spread.

So yes, it should work for polyphonic modes and add some stereo variety to the sound.
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