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Fantom 7 - yes or no

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Fantom 7 - yes or no

Postby paulmapp » Sat May 16, 2020 1:23 pm

Considering a Fantom 7 - but not sure i need it/its worth it.

What I have:

1. RD2000 - so no need for V-Pianos/SNS Pianos/EPS etc
2. FA07 - which will be replaced by the Fantom.
3. Legend EXP Hammond Module (so no need for VR/VK organs in the F if/when they arrive).
4. Peak - analogue filter (yum) but 8 voice and quite modern sounding - decent mod matrix.
5. Virus Ti2 - digital but sounds great with lots of mod options.

Why am I looking at the Fantom?

1. Keybed...with aftertouch (if only the FA had this)
2. Control surface. I use switch groups already, but miss the vol sliders per zone I have ton the RD.
3. analogue filter, and modelled V Filters. Might get closer to the music I play live (80s/90s) than Peak? and might add depth/warmth to the synth patches I use on the FA.
4. TR style beat recording. I dont have anything like this and have often thought of adding a 707/TR8s. Fantom should have enough here to make that not necessary for me.

Why am I debating... Its a lot of cash layout when half the functions I dont need. BUT its a new platform that will grow and long outlast the FA series.

So - should I or shouldnt I? If not do I stick with what I have or try something else. Ive considered Kronos but that doesnt offer a 73/76 note board with semi weighted/synth action - and its a really long boot time If theres a power out at a gig (does happen). Also considered montage but the real time control leaves me cold (despite adding some sweet sounds that differ from Rolands).

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