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How do I get this bass sound? Depeche Mode World In My Eyes

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Re: How do I get this bass sound? Depeche Mode World In My Eyes

Postby Chevytraveller » Wed May 27, 2020 1:56 am

Michaelniebuhr wrote:Also, in the same series of Q+A, he repeats his dislike for Roland synths (too clean), so I doubt there's any of that in the bass sound.

Well I would take some of that with a pinch of salt.. I think Alan was probably referring to later Roland Synths as there is System 700 all over that album (a recent acquisition of Floods at that time)
My money is on either a Minimoog or System 700 for the "growl" then layered with the 2600 for the articulation and glued together using some sort of tight compressor for the bass sound..

The snare was actually lifted from a Fad Gadget record
amusingly enough..

You can here the flanged snare on the intro at about 8"

One of the other signature sounds on that record, (the slow vibrato bell) is lifted from Fleetwood Mac's Black Magic Woman..

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