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Secrets of the T Rex Replay Box.

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Re: Secrets of the T Rex Replay Box.

Postby Arpangel » Sat Jan 09, 2021 10:26 am

horacewimp wrote:

so - before I sent it back, I made a short video - this is how the replay box sounds with the faulty software (although the fault should actually only affect the control behavior of the repeat knob) - I ran a short arpeggio from a synth and fiddled with the controls, sorry - it's a bit quiet ..
Does that roughly correspond to what your Replay Boxes do?
I hope that when it comes back it will sound the same with the new software and that the repeat control will behave as it should. I'll record it too.
In the worst case, it will sound totally boring ... but to be honest, I don't expect it :-)

Thanks a lot, yes, thats more or less it, if you turn the delay time right down anti-clockwise, and slowly turn the repeat knob clockwise with the right sound, harmonically rich probably, you get sort of harmonic peaks, like you get with a synth filter on high resonance.
I think I’m going to hold on to mine, I like the way the two knobs interact with each other.

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