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K2000 Fix for sudden roaring and popping sounds AND a great K2xxxx resource

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K2000 Fix for sudden roaring and popping sounds AND a great K2xxxx resource

Postby swdpitviper » Mon Aug 10, 2020 12:28 am

Hi Folks ... new to the forum. I could not find a fix for the problem listed above, but I was lucky enough to have purchased an upgrade from a guy that was knowledgeable and willing to help ... below is the problem description and solution for MY problem (and maybe your :clap: ) and a hearty recommendation for the gentleman that helped me.

I just had the most amazing experience with a gentleman named Scott Bray who runs an Ebay store called synthsplus. Scott manufactures and sells EPROM Upgrades (O/S and Setup ROMS as well as a variety of HDD ==> SD Card emulators (Fully internal, Floppy Replacement, and Fully External versions). I had ordered one of the latter from him, and while installing it, ran into a problem that I THOUGHT destroyed one of my K2000's ...

Problem Description:

After trying to install an internal SD to HDD Emulator, there were a variety of ROARING and POPPING sounds on many of my programs after the installation. Multiple removal and re-seating efforts on the socketed chips and internal cables had no effect.

I mentioned this to Scott and he did a little research.


Scott was aware of a similar problem caused by the 2 Static RAM chips that are responsible for the Effects on the K2000s and talked me through diagnosis ... when turning the FX off on the affected programs caused the problem to go away, Scott found, ordered, and shipped me a pair of the chips in question at almost his cost and, after installing the chips and doing a hard reset on the keyboard, lo and behold my K2000 was restored and working perfectly.


For those of you relying on a decades-old HDD of a few hundred meg, a USB to Floppy Emulator (cool, but slow as hell for large backups and transfers), or (shudder) a 25 year old Floppy Drive to load and save programs, Scott's SD to HDD Emulator is a godsend ... on a 16 GB SD card, it emulates four 2-GB hard drives, each of which appearing as individual HDDs on its own SCSI channel.

I bought 3 Floppy Replacement SD to HDD Emulators from Scott, and one fully external SD to HDD Emulator with a SCSI cable. I then configured my external SD to HDD emulator to use SCSI 0, 1, 3, and 4 (SCSI 2 was used for my internal HDD) and, when I plugged it into the external SCSI port on my K2000, all Four 2G drives appeared and worked perfectly. I dumped the contents of the old HDD to one partition of the SD card (didn't want to lose any of my programs or songs or unique samples) and then removed the internal HDD and Floppy drive and installed one of the Floppy-Replacement SD to HDD Emulators in its place. Upon boot-up, the boot macro loaded flawlessly (much faster than with the HDD) and I was ready to go.

This solution was reasonable ($140 per SD to HDD Emulator including an internal SCSI cable, 16 GB SD card, and a metric-s&&t-ton of samples on 3 of the 4 2 GB partitions), easy to install, and simple to use after installation. Not only does it make the K2000 WAY less fragile to use live (no HDD to accidentally crash if the keyboard gets a physical shock) but takes a huge load off the K2000 Power Supply compared to the HDD, extending the life of these venerable old, amazing sounding analog Synths/Samplers.

The upgrade to O/S v.3.87 (the last OS upgrade provided by Kurzweil) was around $30 USD including shipping, but the emulator works fine with v.3.54 and higher so you may not need to upgrade at all. All Scott needs to know to send out the right O/S EPROMS is whether your OS version (seen at boot up) ends with a j or not. 3.xxj is the "Janis" engine board while 3.xx (no letter) is the "Calvin" engine board

Scott charged me nothing for the advice and troubleshooting help when I broke my K2000, included a chip puller tool and a static strap to aid in the replacement of the chips and to protect them from ESD (Electro-Static Discharge), and even threw in a SCSI adapter so I could use my existing external 25 pin SUBD to SUBD SCSI cable. He includes very explicit instructions as well as his Phone Number and email address and is very responsive to both methods of communication.

I am not affiliated with Scott's store ... just a very happy customer who knows how hard it can be to find honest AND knowledgeable K2xxxx resources these days so, there ya are :)

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Re: K2000 Fix for sudden roaring and popping sounds AND a great K2xxxx resource

Postby Eddy Deegan » Mon Aug 10, 2020 1:36 am

Always good to hear of people lovingly catering for legacy hardware, especially cool hardware like the K2000 :clap: :thumbup:
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