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New Prophet 5/10 from SCI

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Re: New Prophet 5/10 from SCI

PostPosted: Mon Oct 12, 2020 1:15 pm
by Arpangel
The Elf wrote:
Arpangel wrote:Check out track one, a piece I did using just an original Pro 5 into a BEL delay.
Really enjoyed that! :clap:

Some people do seem able to get the best out of the P5 - whatever I've ever done with one ends up sounding like the naffest brass stab patch in the world!

It's nice to hear someone get something beautiful out of that synth. Well done!

Thanks Elf! It surprised me, as I said, I was noodling between takes, the BEL delay really made it take off, one of the guitarists was sitting with me while I recorded it, and even he was surprised at where it ended up, I just keep feeding things into the BEL and this came out.