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Behringer 2600 Oscillator "Leakage" - VCF Gain too Low

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Behringer 2600 Oscillator "Leakage" - VCF Gain too Low

Postby jjlonbass » Wed Dec 02, 2020 5:56 pm

My Behringer 2600 arrived on Monday a good couple of months before I expected it which makes me happy.
However, on having an hour's play with it on Monday night I found something I didn't like. When listening on headphones I found that the output from the VCF is very low in volume and the tone from the oscillators "leaks" past or through the VCF to a much greater degree than any analogue synth I've encountered before.

I think I've worked out what the problem is by studying the original Arp 2600 service manual - the VCF gain has not been adjusted correctly. The idea is to adjust this gain with the VCF fully open when VCO1 is patched in with its VCF input level full such that the VCF output is at the same level as VCO1 output i.e. the VCF provides unity gain.

I'm not too pleased with this and I haven't decided what to do about it. :x

I would return the 2600 if I knew I would receive a replacement within a short time - but I wouldn't, I'd have to wait months.
I am capable of making the adjustment myself and that's probably what I'll do - the photos of the 2600 PCB I've seen show legends next to the preset pots - there are a set of 3 for each filter type.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Behringer 2600 Oscillator "Leakage" - VCF Gain too Low

Postby Michaelniebuhr » Wed Dec 02, 2020 7:25 pm

I held back on my order, because I want them to fix the mistakes they're bound to make on a complex piece of machinery like this.

I ordered the Poly D on the day of the pre-order and finally received it 3 months later. Keyboard had about 10 keys with no support. Held on to it for a week then returned it. Hate the keyboard on the replacement, but it isn't exactly faulty. Just really cheap.

I would hang on to yours for a few weeks and see what other reviewers say.
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