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Therevox ET-5

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Therevox ET-5

Postby tea for two » Fri Mar 05, 2021 12:03 pm


Ondes Martenot ring wire
Wooden expression touch pads named Intensity Keys
Fingerboard is now also pressure sensitive.


ET deserves a thread.


(I mentioned it on polybrute thread)

tea for two wrote:
I think there is space for a simpler performance oriented synth :
hybrid of Roland SH-1000 with its coloured tabs of handful presets
existing alongside expressive controls as
Ondes Martenot ring wire, Polybrutes Morphee wooden expression touch pad, Haken ContinuuMini :
all in one instrument.

Performance instrument Concept im thinking of
In addition to Therevox would have Haken ContinuuMini stylee strip just where thumb easily falls.

Just below that Roland SH-1000 stylee coloured tabs of handful presets easy to select by extending thumb.
tea for two
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