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4 inch bass/mid driver suggestions

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Re: 4 inch bass/mid driver suggestions

Postby Wonks » Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:34 pm

I fear it generally has.
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Re: 4 inch bass/mid driver suggestions

Postby ef37a » Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:21 am

Wonks wrote:Unfortunately it won't make poorly recorded voices any easier to understand.

True but, my line of reasoning is...
It is well known that a good test of a speaker is how well it reproduces speech and by using as high a grade drive unit as I can afford I hope to make one that is particularly good in that respect.

The speaker will also be "front and centre", some 300mm affront of the screen with no obstructions (closer to the carpet than I think is ideal but you can't have everything!) . Hmm, I might make the box trapezoidal so that it tilts the speakers up a bit? Not sure my joinery skills are up to that these days.

As for "FX" in TV dialogue! I read somewhere very recently of a complaint that a particular BBC programme had succumbed to the "Bloody Pointless Background Noises Syndrome" which had been free of such nonsense for years. I CAN'T remember the program now! Quick look in RT Feedback did not help.

One DVD I played was Jurassic Park. Now dialogue IS well below much of the FX and ambience, choppers and such but that IS a B FILM! You are supposed to listen at high levels when the dialogue comes across whilst being treefied by the beasties. NOT needed on a documentary about owls.

I know Hugh has said recently that (at last!) "Words" are being said in some of the right places about this issue.

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