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Jomox Air Base 99 individual output issues.

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Jomox Air Base 99 individual output issues.

Postby forumuser663195 » Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:22 pm


not really sure where to put this but thought here might find someone who can help.

I’ve been using the individual output of my Air Base 99 (OS 1.15 © ) and have run into some issues.

For some reason the hi and low tom sounds have a strange clip in the decay. It doesn’t seem to be dependant on the decay setting though.

Some of the sample based sounds are also making a strange clipping sound after the initial sound has ended.

This doesn’t happen when using the main outputs only when a cable is plugged into the individual outputs.

Cables are mono jack as per the manual.

Has anyone come across this? Is it a design flaw? Any help much appreciated.
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