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broken/fixable mic ? cad imc 417

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broken/fixable mic ? cad imc 417

Postby fatgaz » Fri Jan 25, 2019 5:19 pm

Hi all,

finally joined the forums etc. after having read the mag for 20+ years on an off.

i've just bought five second hand mics in a local thrift-like store. very cheap, so worth the risk!

Two of them were cad imc 417 one of which seem poorly.
comparing the two, the signal level is roughly similar, but one is extremely hissy, the other essentially hiss free. (hiss is just that, no pops, no rattles, no crackles, no fading of levels)

seems like a mic specific problem given I just swapped the cable over between the two.
nothing externally of the mic seems different between the two.
is this likely to be a trashed mic capsule ? or might it be the mic circuitry ?
I know nothing about diy mics repair. I can do some soldering if need be and measure components etc. with a dvm.

not too disappointed, as 4 out of five working mics doesn't feel too bad given the very low cost.

NOTE review of mics at ... 417-kbm412 for general info.
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