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Excellent Studio Makeover and "Diminishing Returns"

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Excellent Studio Makeover and "Diminishing Returns"

Postby OK1 » Mon Mar 25, 2019 1:25 pm ... io-upgrade

Great reading. Especially as this was done(and written) by the home studio owner, giving it a certain further level of authenticity. No hype, nothing to sell or promote.

The most notable comment, he makes, was what I call the diminishing returns of greater fidelity, The more you hear, the more the flaws of everything you hear is presented starkly.

Tough audio love.

Further to all the room treatment and speaker correction in DSP, looks like all audio systems need two modes,

1. one in which you allow a bit of the speaker imperfection deception,
2. and the other when you want to hear the whole truth - warts and all, with all corrections.

as well as

3. a convenient way to quickly switch between these two presentations of truth.
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