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Trinnov ST2 Pro - CaaS (Correction as a Service...)

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Trinnov ST2 Pro - CaaS (Correction as a Service...)

Postby RonanMcDermott » Sat Jun 29, 2019 12:14 pm

Just finished reading the review of the excellent Trinnov ST2 Pro room correction solution. It seems to me that if they offered an additional product (which I'll get to in a moment), someone could start a business, offering CaaS (Correction as a Service). As reviewed, you would have to buy and install the Trinnov ST2 and leave it there. Upwards of five grand.

If Trinnov sold a cheaper box that could be configured with the EQ and phase corrections, then someone could offer a service to studios where the correction was "hard-wired" but at a lower cost - say a grand (given the complexity of the EQ and phase corrections). If you reconfigured your room, or replaced the main monitors, etc, you could pay a fee to have the main box and the microphone come back and re-run the calibration, and re-programme the "box".

Does anyone know a product that would deliver the required programmable (or adjustable) EQ and phase correction?

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