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Building Bass guitar secondary cabinet, need port length/size advice

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Re: Building Bass guitar secondary cabinet, need port length/size advice

Postby funky54 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 7:30 pm

Sam Spoons wrote:That chart shows the frequencies to cut or boost to get certain effects on the bass tone rather the represent the range of the instruments (the low E on a bass guitar has a fundamental frequency of 41.7Hz, but if you drop to D that becomes 36.7Hz and a low B is down to 30.8Hz).

As Wonks says much of the 'sound' of a bass is in the mid range (indeed if it wasn't you would not hear it at all on laptop or phone speakers).

I'd say the cabinet may well be usable as might the amp (depending what it is designed to drive, what actually is it?) but the speaker is likely to be a disappointment.

I have three Behringer iNuke NU 3000 amps. 1 for mains, 1 for monitors and 1 side of one for PA sub. I can use the other side for the bass addition, Only fed by the SWR preamp.

I also have 2X Peavey 8.5C amps and a 1.3C Amp. Those were my old pa rig amps (just too freakin heavy for gigs that pay $350-$400 split 4 ways)

The rack usually sits right behind the bass rig anyway, controls are a digital snake and ran from an iPad anyway.
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Re: Building Bass guitar secondary cabinet, need port length/size advice

Postby Sam Spoons » Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:28 pm

I think the point is that the speaker driver may not be useful, the other stuff (amp and empty cab) could be usable.
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Re: Building Bass guitar secondary cabinet, need port length/size advice

Postby BigRedX » Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:16 pm

funky54 wrote:Trying to learn here, so thanks for everyone’s patience. I’m a little confused on some things. First let’s talk bass guitar, I don’t get why 29hz to 450hz doesn’t cover 75% of bass guitar? What’s over 380hz for bass guitar according to Fender is just harmonics. I’m just trying add not create. I may be absolutely wrong.. I really am just trying to understand. Second I’m tired of bass players showing up with stacks of tens and 5-7 string bass guitars... GET OUT OF EVERYONES FREQUENCIES. Stay low, stay where they dance and stop creating mud trying to be a guitar player. I don’t want to add or support the higher frequencies.

Because the upper harmonics for the notes are the ones that make the bass guitar interesting and audible. The bass guitar is not a device that outputs a sine wave at the fundamental frequency for each note. In fact for a lot of the notes it is the upper harmonics being greeted that give the definition and tune to the sound. You don't really want much below 40Hz as this is just mud, mush and treading on frequencies needed for the kick drum. Making bass guitar sound baser is all about the mids rather than the bass.
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