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What type of drill bit for endpin jack?

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What type of drill bit for endpin jack?

Postby Soresdo » Thu Nov 28, 2019 1:37 pm

First Time Poster. I hope it's in the correct forum

Lots of great info here!!

I've been lurking for awhile...I hang out at TDPRI (Telecaster Discussion page reissue) or TGP (The Gear Page) and MLP (My Les Paul) forums usually.

I'm playing electric guitar primarily and have about 30 electrics...I also own a bunch of lap steels, mandolins, violins, ukuleles. I do 99% of my own work on everything.

I picked up an Epiphone Masterbilt DR500R last week and it plays and sounds nice. I have a K&K pure mini that I'm going to install in it and I'm wondering what type of drill bit I should use to for the endpin jack?


Brad Point?

I'd like to pick up a new drill bit as any 1/2" bits I currently have are pretty beat up and I don't think I want to risk using them and not getting a clean cut.


any preferences as to the pickup installation technique? there are the instructions that came with the K&K and I've also seen the installation that uses a jig that places all three elements at the same time?

Should I place one of the elements BETWEEN the B and E string per the FretTech instructions or nearer the E string as the K&K instructions suggest?

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Re: What type of drill bit for endpin jack?

Postby zenguitar » Thu Nov 28, 2019 2:13 pm

Just read a pdf on the KK site with the install instructions.

I would drill a 10mm hole and open it up with a reamer. But that’s because I have the tools. The benefit of using a forstner bit is that it can leave a cleaner exit when you go through the end block. Just resist the temptation to push the drill through the wood, trust the bit to do the work for you.

I would follow the instructions per the pdf. But I did notice that there are several video tutorials online for installing this pickup so it would be worth watching these. If nothing else, it will give you a good idea what is involved.

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Re: What type of drill bit for endpin jack?

Postby Wonks » Thu Nov 28, 2019 2:50 pm

If you've already got an existing hole of any size, my experience of forstner bits is that unless the centre point has something to dig in to to start with, then they'll wander all over the surface if done with a hand drill. If you can use a pillar drill and fix the guitar securely underneath it so neither are going to move relative to one another, then maybe a forstner bit as K&K suggest.

Successive widening with standard drill bits would be my choice, as brad point drills can suffer from the same wandering inclination as forstner bits unless the tips can dig in to something first. Obviously sharp drill bits are best.

Not 100% convinced about reaming in this instance unless you've got a very shallow end-block or a very shallow angle reamer (or a specialist end-pin reamer from someone like StewMac). With a deep end-block, and on a completed guitar you can realistically only ream from the outside, so the diameter of the internal hole is going to be significantly less than the of the external hole. As the standard end-pin jack diameter is 12mm, you'll need that internal hole size.

Given a 30mm deep end-block, and with a common 3° angle hand reamer (and a lot are 5°), then a 12mm internal hole would give around a 15mm wide external hole. For a 3° reamer, there's around a 1mm difference in inner/outer hole size per 10mm of depth.

What's the current end-pin fitting on the Epiphone?
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