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Bus(s) powered controllers and iPads

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Bus(s) powered controllers and iPads

Postby Sam Spoons » Mon Dec 02, 2019 7:21 pm

My iPads will not power my Akai EWI USB so I bought a dual power USB splitter cable, designed to allow a devices with higher than normal power requirements (USB HDD for example) to draw power from two USB sockets thinking, foolishly, that I could connect the data side to the iPad via a Camera Connection Kit USB adapter and supplement the power with a power bank. No, far too simple a solution, the EWI does not even boot up. So I thought, what if I split the power from the data entirely to which end I bought some USB breakout boards and wired a USB A socket to two mini USB sockets, one handling the data and the other the power to the USB A. Plug in the data socket to the MBP, the EWI to the USB A and a power bank to the power USB mini socket. The EWI boots fine and happily plays instruments in Garage Band. Change the data connection to the iPad via the CCK and, as before, not a dicky bird........

Anybody got any idea why this should work with the MacBook* but not with the iPad?

* Which is pointless as the MBP is perfectly happy to power the EWI anyway :headbang:
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