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Bittree K2MA-01 CRIMP Tool alternatives

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Bittree K2MA-01 CRIMP Tool alternatives

Postby rockfarmroad » Sat Jun 20, 2020 10:44 pm

Can someone please tell me - what spec am I looking for in a crimping tool for the E3 pins for the Elco 3 pin connections for Bitter patch bays? If I see other crimping tools, what size am I looking for? Thanks.
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Re: Bittree K2MA-01 CRIMP Tool alternatives

Postby James Perrett » Sun Jun 21, 2020 12:30 am

Unfortunately connector manufacturers have a habit of requiring you to buy expensive crimp tools to match their connector and there is usually no way around this. They usually use a fairly standard tool with a connector specific insert and it is this connector specific insert that costs the money.

While doing a quick search for the tool I noticed a mention of solder pins as well as crimp pins. If you only have a few to do it might be worth using the solder pins.
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