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Shared wall with my neigbour

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Shared wall with my neigbour

Postby alip82 » Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:35 pm

Hi, maybe it isn't the right place but with your expertise, i really need your help. I have a thin but long corridor. Right side of the wall is shared wall with my neigbour. And the wall's thickness is 8cm bad quality brick + plaster both side total 2cm = 10cm bad wall. Even i hit the wall my finger it vibrates with bass noise. I hear the impact and air noises very bad. Actually i hear noises from the ceiling too. I read a lot of things about sound proofing. And i can't narrow it more than 10cm total. (3.5cm+6.5cm)

I decided to choose room in the room technique. I'll seperate the studs(5cmx5cm) away from walls by 1cm. I'll support the studs with L shaped isolated stuff at the nonshared wall. Between the studs, i'll use 5cm rockwool. And last i'll use 1.5cm drywall.

Is it enough? Because noise is so bad and i'm not sure.
Do i need mlv or some think like that?
if i staple the mlv direct to the sharedwall. Can i see the benefit?

I desperatly need your opinions or another approches. Thank you very much.

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