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ADAM A7 pots stop making sense

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ADAM A7 pots stop making sense

Postby chanceoperation » Sat Oct 24, 2020 4:15 pm

Hi All

There was a well known issue with ADAM A7's, including forum posts here back in 2009-2010. I have escaped it until now.

Here is what I now have to do to get my two A7's to sound roughly similar:

One speaker acts as it always did. To get the other to sound like it, have have to:

-Vastly mis-balance the volume controls on the front (the bad one is at 0db and the good one is at -33db).

- Do similarly crazy extreme setting on the 3 little trim pots on the back of the bad one.

I have to do this by ear and an SPL meter, so for sure they are still not responding the same, just close.

One more "feature" of the problem: the volume difference is worse when the bad speaker has just been turned on -- warming it up reduces it (still, to a 33db difference).

The difference seems to be growing slowly over time.

I love the monitors and know them well. They are now my B pair (I have a pair of Neumann KH310A that Hugh led me to and I live by), but still, I want my A7's to serve me too.

I have shopped around for a repair man. It seems parts are scarce.

So to my questions:

1. Can I be sure this is the pots themselves, or could power supply, amp parts, whatever be the issue?

2. If the problem is the pots, could I just replace them by bypassing them with or without a resistor? (This is a guess -- I do not know electronics.)

You see, the good speaker works fine with all the trim pots flat. And I have a good monitor controller so I don't even need the main front panel volume control. I just want the two speakers to reliably sound the same again, even if there are no user settings available anymore.

Of course if it is not the pots only, then I guess I have to pony up for a replacement.

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: ADAM A7 pots stop making sense

Postby James Perrett » Sat Oct 24, 2020 6:49 pm

My first thought is that it is a bad joint - probably at the ground end of the pot. I'd get the meter out and take a few resistance readings. The only thing is you might fix the problem just by prodding about so take notes of exactly what you do.
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Re: ADAM A7 pots stop making sense

Postby forumuser931182 » Sat Oct 24, 2020 10:23 pm

Unfortunately it’s a bit difficult to pinpoint the issue without test equipment. Could be the pots but could also be faulty preamp or amp or speaker or even power supply.
If you want to try analysing the fault yourself you could try swapping the main amp board between the two speakers - does the fault swap.
Can you swap the main front panel volume pot from one speaker to the other - does the fault swap.
As mentioned by James could be a bad joint so you can try pushing the legs of the pots with a plastic utensil and see if anything changes - be careful of mains voltage wiring.
The actual components should be replaceable for a qualified repair person.
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Re: ADAM A7 pots stop making sense

Postby DC-Choppah » Mon Oct 26, 2020 7:57 pm

Contact Adam and ask them for help:

They are excellent concerning repairs. They even kindly fixed my out-of-warranty problem for me when I had a power glitch fry a monitor.
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