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How Long Do Monitors Last?

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Re: How Long Do Monitors Last?

Postby N i g e l » Sun Jan 24, 2021 5:47 pm

I had a nice pair of JBL Control bookshelf speakers which started distorting after 15 years.
The rubber that connects the bass cone to the frame had perished. Spare parts are available but for not much more £, I could have bought a new pair.
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Re: How Long Do Monitors Last?

Postby Trevor Johnson » Sun Jan 24, 2021 7:53 pm

I bought my Spendor BC1s in October 1980, I had gone to Colchester with the intention, (and cash!), to buy the KEF Reference 103 speakers. But I saw the BC1s and said may I have a listen: the rest is history.

Being passive aids longevity, the only issue with the BC1s were the bass units, which failed around 1984, but replaced at cost with exchange units from Spendor. Who wrote me a lovely letter of explanation.

As a result of that, the BC1s are still in use, and I still buy Spendor.

If you only record string quartets, the BC1s, or LS3/5As are the only speakers you need: they both have the most superb stereo imaging and the cello has a human voice quality which these two speakers excel at.

(P.S. the lowest frequency the cello goes down to is 65Hz)
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