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The Show Went On - My first song

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The Show Went On - My first song

Postby TSWO » Wed Jul 13, 2016 9:24 pm

Hi everyone.
Greeting from Greece.

I'm Dimitris, 34, pianist most of the time and this my first song to be officially released. Inspired by Queen's emblematic "The show must go on", I thought I could give their subject a new spin. G. Paloumpis [cover photo] is the featured lead vocalist.

Orchestration is lush (string and brass sections, choral ensamble, rock band), use of counterpoint/multi layred sound is abudant, and structure is not typical (there is not even a real repeating chorus). I hope you like it.

As I said this my first profesionally produced song, so any comments and suggestions about production, music, lyrics etc. is more than welcome.

B good!
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