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Help Needed! Feedback On Lyrics

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Help Needed! Feedback On Lyrics

Postby dylb » Fri Oct 07, 2016 10:05 pm

Thanks for being open enough to let me share some tunes with you. I need some feedback on a song called "Someone Worth Loving"

You can listen to the song here: ... rth-loving

Verse 1:
Is this real, Do these moments count when we're gone, Do the lips we kiss form a bond with the blood in our veins, That runs through our hearts, Is it worth, All the sacrifice, To break free, From the lonely nights, In a complicated city made of tainted glass
Pre Chorus:
Now I won't lie, There were times when I thought love was pointless, Times when I thought I was hopeless, To the voices inside my mind
Watch me erupt in flames, Then learn to fly, Like a Phoenix does in time, I'll earn wings, Then rise from the ashes from whence I came, These wounds will heal, And mark my soul, Like the road signs on the journey home, And underneath, I hope you'll find, Someone worth loving, Someone worth loving for life
Verse 2:
Give it time, This momentum will shift in its place, Realign with the channels of fate that defend the emotions you always pushed aside, For too long I delayed what I figured out, Before water could land on the seed of doubt, That's been growing, And oh it's been growing, For far to long
For life I was walking where shadows lay lost some friends that were close to the
same mistakes as before so I'm not doing that anymore
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