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Hey everyone!

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Hey everyone!

Postby GiBrIs » Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:17 am

Hi people, First of all I didn't find a forum to get myself introduced, so in advantage I want to apoligize if this is not the best place for this thread. Anyway I'll be quick I was looking for a website where I can find information about compusing music. This is more or less the kind of music I write so I hope you give some feedback!
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Re: Hey everyone!

Postby panurge » Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:35 pm


I initially tried to answer your question but i had some troubles giving a precise response...
As long as i am aware of, music composition is a very subtle discipline, and it would be pretty hard to look for a specific place where to find informations about music composition. There's a lot of places with a lot of good informations, but it is a bit like learning to cook by reading cuisine-related blogs. Judging by your musical pieces, it seems to me that you are pretty much confident in music making, so i guess you need something to get better than you actually are, rather than learning the basics.

Wikipedia is a quite good starting point in any case: starting, say, from the 'musical theory' article and following references and external links may bring you a whole lot of informations.

On youtube or similar platforms you may find a lot of people willing to share their ideas about music writing and composition... and it may be easier and more immediate to find someone sharing your tastes...

The best thing to do is, in my opinion, listen and do. Listen to music, very different music. Listen to the kind of music you never listened to... indian music, serialism, free jazz, abstract hip hop, gamelan music, microtonal music, canterbury scene, etc etc. When you hear something intriguing, try to understand why it appeals to you, try imitating it etc etc...

Sorry for the blurry answer, but it was a very vast question..!

Now, after have listened to a couple of pieces of you:
"Inefable" for example starts with a sweeeet chord sequence, followed by a cooool bass line. I only find that they not always fit perfectly one with another, maybe some off-notes here and there (the third chord is pretty hard to play bass onto, i guess). But you surely got tha groove...! I'll get back perhaps to give a more in-depth feedback about your music, that i find pretty pleasant and well done overall.

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Re: Hey everyone!

Postby petev3.1 » Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:28 am

Very nice. Like the bass playing and enjoyed 'This Perfect Storm'.
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