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You Make It Easy To Be Sweet

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You Make It Easy To Be Sweet

Postby SilverBeat » Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:33 pm

My July 2017 song is "You Make It Easy To Be Sweet" ... o-be-sweet


I have completed every thing from start to finish.

You make it easy to be sweet

I wanna tell your wonderful
You mean the world to me
So incredibly beautiful
In every way I know and see
I think about you all the time
When ever I'm away
I need you like a poat needs a rhyme
Like a flower needs a summer day


You make it easy to be sweet
So very easy to be sweet

I wanna tell you it's lavishing
All you give to me
So amazingly ravishing
In every way that one can be

Repeat Chorus

Yeah you make me wanna be a better man
Yeah in every way that I can ... o-be-sweet
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Re: You Make It Easy To Be Sweet

Postby blinddrew » Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:13 pm

Just had a quick listen so here's a few thoughts to use or discard as you choose:
The entry seems a bit abrupt, render issue?
When the vocals come in and the instruments split L+R that's all a bit sudden for me.
Nice use of ear candy but I wonder if you could do a little more with the drums and vocals rather than relying on the synths?
The new synth sound that comes in at 2:45 appears a bit suddenly for me as well.
Don't really know much about synth-music though so feel free to ignore :)
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