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Re: Brainstorming Music

Postby Arpangel » Sat Sep 12, 2020 9:08 am

I only ever record, I can’t play unless I’m being recorded, it just seems like a waste of energy otherwise. That’s my first motivation.
The second phase, I sit at the piano, and put my hands on the. keys, it doesn’t matter where, I try and make the shape of my hands feel good on the keys, if they feel good I start playing, whatever chords or notes come out I build from there.
I just let the music go, it seems to take me in fact, like its playing itself, when it works, and often it doesn’t.
I like the music to change a lot, go through different landscapes, calm uplifting, classically inspired, Jazz, free-improvisation, dissonance, everything except Blues, it seems as soon as I go there it gets ruined, Blues has this unnerving ability to "ground" everything, to make it sound normal, and most of all, cliched.
I know a lot of composers who are like me, they deliberately avoid any Blues influences, for these reasons, that’s why I was never a Pink Floyd fan, the Blues influence totally spoiled it for me. I gravitated to people like Brian Eno, Cluster, Kraftwerk, it just seemed fresher and less cliched at a time when everyone else was still using the Blues as a base for their music.
At that time, if you wanted to stand at least a fighting chance if standing out from the crowd, you rejected the Blues.
I’d replace it with the word "musical" or musicality, it’s that’s quality in music that makes it work, regardless of where it comes from, the a Blues included.
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