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What?! A forum for song writers!!

Arrangement, instrumentation, lyric writing, music theory, inspiration… it’s all here.

What?! A forum for song writers!!

Postby buzingha » Mon Sep 14, 2020 3:45 pm

Hello everyone! I stumbled onto this site for another reason, but then... I stumbled onto this forum.

I spent a lot of time at my Grandma's growing up. She had a guitar and a piano in the basement. Those were my toys. Now, I'm a grow'd man with thousands of original songs and riffs in a shoebox or Logic file.

I don't have any knowledge of keys or scales or modes or arpeggios or mixolydians or dorians or pentatonics or even octotonics, but...

I know when it sounds good to me. Getting my fingers to do what I hear in my head can be a process, but when I finally make it to Musictown... it's reeeeaaal nice. Isn't that where we all end up in the end?

I would like to better understand the theory of what I've been doing all these years and it would be nice to increase my bubble of expression with more notes and things, but that hasn't been absolutely necessary. Music has always been a medicine for me. I push my feelings out of my fingers and turn them into vibrations that melt into the atmosphere. If you can find a few fellas that can add their vibrations to your vibrations... well... I don't think science has advanced enough yet to be able to explain that.

By chance, has anyone seen that documentary about sound? They put sand on a metal plate and made it sensitive to the vibrations created by a keyboard. Each note they played caused the sand to form a different, complex, geometric shape! The same shapes we find in nature!!

Anyhoo, that's a topic for another forum. Wow! [looks at watch] Look at the time. I didn't realize I was gonna ramble on like that. [looks behind coffee cup]
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