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Applying classical forms to new music

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Re: Applying classical forms to new music

Postby Ben Asaro » Sun Nov 22, 2020 3:01 pm

Some exciting developments on this piece over the past week! I've discarded some of my previous core conceits and approach, and have adopted some new ones.

At the end of the day, I guess I'm not a very good purely electronic composer lol. I think the biggest limitation I was facing was the fact that you can't easily change the gate length with modular and as a result it gets very same-y to my ears.

So, voice-wise, I went to my small MIDI setup and sync'd it up to the modular, which is easily done via the Erica Synths MIDI <-> CLK module. This now adds a second sequencer (MC-500) and palette of sustainable sounds.

Revisiting the first Subject, I kept the original key and tempo (Dm, 88 bpm) and started working on a new motive. I ended up on a solo cello patch on the JV Orchestral expansion card playing a sparse melody in D Pentatonic Minor. After it plays the motive the first time it's harmonized by a second cello line outlining the chords of Dm-C-Dm.


As you can see, the melody line has been stripped back to the most minimal I could make it whilst still keeping it moving forward. It sustains on each of the chord tones in Dm to reinforce Dm as the i chord.

And so far, so good! The build is slow I'm working really hard to make each additional voice really add something to the overall composition. How successful I will be remains to be seen! :D
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