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Re: Readers' Rigs

Postby Sam Spoons » Wed Nov 04, 2015 12:28 am

Nice Rob.

I'm waiting for Berry to make an X32 wireless surface (i.e. a Compact with 4 x 4 I/O and no brain) to control an X32 at the stage via wifi. TBH I'd be happy with a simple X-Touch type device, but optimised for live use, combined with an iPad or laptop at FOH and the Compact and/or Rack on stage.

As it is I'll be using the Compact at FOH with the Rack on stage linked by cat6 on the few gigs that require it. For the others my trusty Mackie DL1608 (running Master Fader 2.1.1/Classic) does the business. After three years and 100+ gigs, iPad mixing still makes my slightly nervous but, so far, the Mackie has been solid. I do carry a backup to most gigs as a sort of "soundie's valium substitute" but I'm pretty confident with it these days.

BTW, I've passed the Golf on to my son and inherited the family (read my wife's, she now has a ragtop Mini Cooper) Mitsi Shogun so I have a little more space (and won't get stuck when the access is muddy :blush: ).
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Re: Readers' Rigs

Postby robare99 » Wed Nov 04, 2015 4:22 pm

Nice! I bought the CS18AI mainly for using with my band. It will come in handy on certain other gigs as well. That's it for big purchases this year, and next year with any luck lol
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Re: Readers' Rigs

Postby ropeadope » Wed Jul 13, 2016 4:00 am

Guitar player here, been gigging for many years.

Like to keep it very simple since there's nothing worse than lugging a ton of shit into basement dive bars or three flights of stairs up the fire escape. That said, my Mesa Combo weighs ~115lb which is very heavy for a 1x12 amp. Since I have Popeye forearms from years of gigging with this thing, I barely notice the weight.

I play an ESP Eclipse E-II (EMG 60/ EMG 84) and Charvel So-Cal HH (Seymour Duncan TB6 and Seymour Duncan SH6N) into a pretty bare essentials pedal board and into a Morely ABC, selecting my Mesa Boogie Mark IV Combo or H&K Statesman Quad EL84. Depending on the venue I have an extension 1x12 mesa cabinet with 1 Eminence 'The Governer' speaker or a Marshall 1960A cabinet loaded with Celestion V30.

Pedal board is: Instrument -> TC Polytune -> Ibanez TS9 Mini (love this pedal) -> Dunlop Crybaby mini (love this pedal even more) -> ISP Decimator II -> TC Flashback II Delay -> TC HoF Reverb -> Morely ABC. for additional gating I use an ISP Decimator G String on both amp FX loops and keep both loops engaged.


Have other amps and axes but my current setup just works SO well.
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Re: Readers' Rigs

Postby chaocrator » Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:16 am

one-man psytrance / electro industrial project here.

grown on a music that was played by humans on stage, i strongly dislike modern electronic «live» concept as playing back prepared tracks from a laptop with some very subtle minor additions. so my live rig is an approach of doing thing honestly.

a linux-based laptop, for MIDI tasks only.
Zoom Live Track L-12 , for mixing & multitrack recording
Miditech 8x8, MIDI interface for all hardware below
Novation ReMOTE Zero SL, MIDI controller for synths
Novation Launchpad Pro, MIDI controller for playing melodies / solos, drumming, and triggering patterns in the pattern sequencer
two Korg padKONTROLs, MIDI controllers for live drumming
Yamaha DTXPRESS III, either MIDI-controlled trigger module only (light setup) or the complete E-drumset
PreenFM2, hardware FM synth
Novation Nova Laptop, hardware subtractive/analog modeling synth
need one more synth, since only 10 channels of 12 are in use now )

Linux OS with RT kernel (custom built)
Sequencer 64 — main MIDI sequencer
B-Step Sequencer — slave MIDI sequencer
Machina — another slave MIDI sequencer for some parts
Mididings — main MIDI processor
Carla plugin host — for helper MIDI processing tasks available only via MIDI plugins

i don't use DAWs on stage, but for mixing tasks i use Harrison Mixbus with Harrison and some other plugins.

there's also another principle of gear selection — the complete rig should be transportable in a 50L backpack.
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