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Live Sampling

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Live Sampling

Postby Tom Scrase Drums » Wed Apr 13, 2011 11:40 am

Kia Ora!

I'm investigating the options of live sampling to increase my performance options on the drums.
I'm looking to utilize a set-up with triggers on the drums as well as electronic pads to trigger samples of percussive sounds. I'm predominantly going to use short samples and may be looking to use loops.
My thoughts are to try Roland PD-8 pads into my Alesis Trigger I/O with this connected via MIDI to an MPC.

Can anyone please suggest any alternatives to the MPC and if possible a few pros and cons about their playability live... i.e. What works well without needing a click/tempo and what might be better suited to me adding my own recorded samples?

Also, has anyone tried a completely different set-up and had success?

Thanks in advance for any help and taking the time to check my post out!

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