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Looking to buy a PA for band

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Looking to buy a PA for band

Postby Sixsrtung » Mon May 07, 2012 9:38 am

Hello Folks really new here but it sure looks like a nice place . I and my band mates have come to the point in our reheasals now that we require a PA system for gigging. Now to be frank we only need something to power up vocals and possibly the bass and snare drum. We feel the amplifacation of the guitars is most definetly adequate.We have a small budget and are looking at a Behringer mixer .Now our dilema is do we go with a power amp and passive speakers or do we go with Powered speakers.As of now we have been using cheapy powered speakers for practice , we believe they will serve well as fall back speakers for monitor use , .So we are looking at front of house systems again keep in mind we have a budget of 1500-2000 to spend right up front, and that looks like behringer gear ? to get it all up .
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Re: Looking to buy a PA for band

Postby Wease » Mon May 07, 2012 10:06 am

£1500 -2000 is actually a healthy budget - especially for a smaller system, which looks like what you want
you can go Yamaha, JBL, Mackie etc etc with that, and still have enough for some mics and leads etc
a quick search on Andertons site gives good prices for the Yamaha stagepas systems - well within your budget
I think you'd get more help on the Live sound section of the forum - i wonder if the Mods can move this thread there - where more enlightened people live who may offer some recommendations

I'd also look at trying before buying - I know some of the larger stores (like PMT Birmingham) allow bands to set up a system on their (PMT's) stage and try pa's with the whole band to get the best bang for the buck!
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Re: Looking to buy a PA for band

Postby Mike Stranks » Mon May 07, 2012 10:51 pm

A bit more info would be helpful... how many input channels do you think you'll need - ie how many vocalists as well as the 'bass and snare drum'? By the way, did you mean bass-drum or bass-guitar? Do you think you'll want to use effects?

You mention monitors... how many monitor sends do you want?

Do you already have mics and stands and cables?

What are the 'cheapy' speakers you refer to?

What size venues do you play? What's your style of music?

... and now a word about Behringer... Many of us here have bits and pieces of Behringer gear which we find adequate for the purpose. BUT many of us have found that, apart from the very smallest, the Behringer range of mixers is not very reliable. A partial or full failure mid-gig wouldn't do your reputation any good at all! :)

This is not about gear-snobbery or a 'let's bash Behringer' campaign. Gear has to be reliable and deliver a consistent performance gig after gig after gig. Unfortunately the Behringer mixers can't always deliver against those criteria. So when we get down to specifics I think you'll find that Behringer won't find it's way onto any shortlist. But let's not get ahead of ourselves... more info as per the above please and we can be more specific in our answers.

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